Accrediting Commission for Schools

Reflections: Director and Coordinator School and Visiting Committee Support

Elizabeth Oberreiter | Director, Accrediting Commission for Schools, WASC

In spring 2020 WASC coordinators and directors began to work on a new protocol to work directly with chairs and schools for mid-cycle visits. Coordinators and directors have been meeting with chairs and schools in order to create a mid-cycle visit that is succinct, focused, and not become a mini self-study visit or report.

Mid-cycle visits should not be cumbersome or stressful: it is a time for schools to address the areas of growth, new developments, and other areas since the last visit. WASC coordinators and directors are able to assist with these needs, the logistics of mid-cycle virtual visits and how to develop a report that reflects developments and changes since the last self-study visit.

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