Accrediting Commission for Schools


Main Office: 650 696-1060 | mail(at)

For any questions about school invoices, please contact accounting(at)

Name Department/Title Phone Email
Rosalina Abello Director of Administrative Services 650 548-4360 rabello(at)
Margaret Alvarez Vice President, International Accreditation 650 696-1060 malvarez(at)
Meaghan Armstrong Director, Public Relations 650 513-2378 marmstrong(at)
Naomi Bae Members Desk 650 548-4361 nbae(at)
Mari Brown Training Coordinator 650 548-4379 mbrown(at)
Nancy Brownell Vice President, Educational Partnerships 650 696-1060 nbrownell(at)
Joanne Cacicedo Director, Members Desk 650 548-4375 jcacicedo(at)
Alex Campbell Members Desk 650 548-4378 acampbell(at)
Albert Chan Chief Financial Officer 650 548-4376 achan(at)
Nadine Elwood Director 858 886-9760 nelwood(at)
Alice Fitzgerald Schools Desk 650 548-4381 afitzgerald(at)
Lino Gantan Printing/Merchandise 650 548-4365 lgantan(at)
Jeannette Gomez Reception 650 960-7390 jgomez(at)
Brian Jensen Director 619 379-0721 bjensen(at)
Francesca Lorenzo Supervisor, Members Desk 650 548-4383 florenzo(at)
Michael McCormick Accounting/Business Office 650 425-9058 mmccormick(at)
Kelly Munroe Members Desk 650 425-9050 kmunroe(at)
Cynthia Newton Director, Communications 650 548-4387 cnewton(at)
Ari Nishiki-Coffey IT Specialist/AIMS Project Manager 650 548-4367 afinley(at)
Elizabeth Oberreiter Vice President, Domestic Accreditation 626 290-2126 eoberreiter(at)
Sonia Padilla Supervisor, Schools Desk 650 548-4368 spadilla(at)
Wendy Parcel Director 619 433-4222 wparcel(at)
Crystal Patterson Reception 650 696-1060 cpatterson(at)
Malia Pulido-Dahal Director 530 400-0819 mpulido(at)
Maegan Redmon Schools Desk 650 548-4370 mredmon(at)
Brigitte Sarraf Director 650 387-0404 bsarraf(at)
Jonathan Schild Director 650 548-4364 jschild(at)
Maharasi Subbiah Salesforce Administrator 312 937-4349 msubbiah(at)
Cristine Toti Members Desk 650 548-4369 ctoti(at)
Elissa Watters Executive Assistant, VP 650 548-4362 ewatters(at)

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ACS WASC has a number of items available for purchase by ACS WASC accredited schools.

ACS WASC Accredited Merchandise

Flags and banners are available for purchase by accredited schools.

  • The flag is 3’x5′ and is printed on heavy duty nylon.
  • The banner is 2’x3′ and is printed on heavy duty vinyl and has grommets on all four corners.
  • A miniature desktop flag is also available for purchase.

Embossers and stamps are also available for purchase.

  • Rubber stamp (not available for Supplementary Education Center/Programs)
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Desk model embosser

IMPORTANT: Purchase orders or checks sent without a completed order form will not be processed and will be returned to the sender.

ACS WASC Accredited Merchandise Form

IMPORTANT: Purchase orders or checks sent without a completed order form will not be processed and will be returned to the sender.

ACS WASC Certificates

One ACS WASC Certificate of Accreditation is automatic and provided free of charge per accreditation cycle. Additional certificates can be purchased by submitting a completed order form along with a check or purchase order information. Electronic (pdf) certificates are also available. ACS WASC Certificate Order Form

ACS WASC Digital Logo

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges has authorized the use of its logo by schools accredited by our organization as long as the school maintains its accredited status. Click here to read the usage guidelines. Requests for the ACS WASC digital logo should be emailed to

ACS WASC Directory of Schools

ACS WASC publishes an annual Directory of Schools. The directory provides information about the schools currently accredited by ACS WASC and those schools that have been granted the status of candidacy. Printed copies of the ACS WASC Directory of Schools are available for purchase. ACS WASC Directory of Schools Order Form
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