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The WASC Guiding Principles are the foundation of the accreditation process and enable schools to:

  • Ensure a culture of involvement, collaboration, and trust
  • Ensure a culture supporting the well-being of all students
  • Demonstrate that the shared purpose and schoolwide learner outcomes are understood and accomplished by all students
  • Evaluate achievement of all students on academic standards/schoolwide learner outcomes
  • Use multiple ways to analyze data and the impact on student learning
  • Implement and monitor actions to support continuous improvement
  • Align prioritized findings to a schoolwide action plan focusing on major student and school needs
  • Evaluate program effectiveness.

Our Partnership with Schools:

  • WASC provides each school with a consultant who provides coaching/professional conversations and training as the accreditation journey begins
  • This training is substantial and tailored to a school’s needs to help build the foundations needed for a productive and successful accreditation journey.
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International Member School Testimonials

Shekou International School has been accredited by WASC since 1991 when we were only a few years old.   During that time many people have come and gone, our programs have evolved and matured, and our practices and processes have become more professional and progressive. There is a constant that I think has been fundamental to the continuous improvement, and that is our cycle of reflection, analysis, planning and implementation which underpins our commitment to the WASC accreditation. Far from being an addition to the life of our school, it is at the core of who we are and aspire to be. I feel that our internally conducted reviews with the external/collegial accountability and support is the right mix to keep our focus on continuing to meet our own expectations of quality.

Greg Smith

Head of School, Shekou International School

International School Bangkok has been proudly accredited by WASC for more than three decades. We highly value our partnership with WASC for a number of very important reasons. First, the WASC process is focused on improving student learning – the core work of any school. Second, the level of professionalism in the WASC organisation is consistently high. Third, WASC employs great people who are always available, always understanding, and always helpful. Finally, the WASC school improvement process really works and ISB is a much better school because of our relationship of many years.

Dr. Andrew Davies

Head of School, International School Bangkok

The WASC accreditation process has been the most significant factor in guiding the overall school planning and development. Through the support of our assigned consultant, we began the process of re-examining every aspect of our school starting with the vision, mission, and goals, then developing our School Wide Learning Outcomes with the participation of all stakeholders, followed by determining our directional goals based on this process.  We have created school-wide committees that work collaboratively to support the growth and this has impacted our school culture and climate.  We have been guided and trained throughout the process and the support has made the journey all that more rewarding. The process is challenging but I can already see the impact it has had and am excited to see our school develop over time as a result of the WASC accreditation process.

Scott Reid

Principal, Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy

Having participated in the WASC accreditation process is one of the most meaningful professional development experiences I have ever had. As a school administrator, it’s easy to be lost in the day to day details of running the school. WASC, however, helped to pull me up afloat so that I am not just scurrying forth, but actually looking at where I am heading. WASC’s emphasis on setting school’s strategic goals oriented around improving student learning, and aligning school decisions with those strategic goals has helped me become more thoughtful in deciding and acting on behalf of my faculty and students.

Meng Li

Director of Studies and Head of Upper School, Tsinglan School

Without WASC’s support, there would be no TGS Changemaker Curriculum. WASC’s ability not to only support tried and tested curriculum models but also new, exciting, progressive visions of teaching and learning paradigms is second-to-none. As a member of the TGS leadership, we can honestly say that working alongside WASC as partners is at the centre of our strategic planning their continued guidance is essential for TGS’s future growth and development.

Russell Cailey

THINK Global School

Our Team


Dr. Margaret Alvarez

Vice President, International Accreditation
Dr. Alvarez is currently based in Singapore. Prior to joining WASC, she served as the Head of School of ISS International School, Singapore. Dr. Alvarez has extensive experience in accreditation, having worked in the field for nine years. During this time she engaged in research in school improvement processes, worked with government agencies, contributed to the development of accreditation protocols, trained educators and administrators in successful accreditation practices, managed processes, and supported numerous schools around the world.

Natalie Merritt

International Consultant
Natalie Merritt began her teaching career as a Primary School teacher working in South Wales, U.K. She then spent 16 years working for the largest K-12 international school in Singapore, gaining experience as head of department, a member of leadership, and living within the residential community.
Dawn Rock

Dawn Rock

International Consultant
Dawn Rock joined WASC after 23 years in international education as an elementary teacher, a middle and high school math teacher, and, mostly recently, as a high school principal for twelve years. She has extensive experience as a team member and as chair for school visits, testament to her commitment to the development and growth of all schools.

Stephen Massiah

International Consultant
Stephen Massiah is based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to WASC, Steve held positions in international schools in Doha, Qatar; Seoul, South Korea; Bangkok, Thailand; and Hong Kong. Prior to this he was a principal in Toronto, Canada; an adjunct instructor at the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto; and an interim position (secondment) with the Ontario College of Teachers.
Alana Steward

Alana Steward

International Consultant
After beginning her teaching career in her native Canada, Alana has been teaching and leading in schools in various countries for the past 19 years. She has traveled extensively with her family and has worked in countries including Macau, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Austria, and Japan.
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