Accrediting Commission for Schools

System Accreditation

A formal process of evaluating and certifying the overall quality and effectiveness of an entire educational system and affiliated schools.

  • WASC System Accreditation process accomplishes the WASC Focus on Learning Self-Study for schools connected through an Education Management Group (EMG) or System, operating under a common mission and purpose, supported through a comprehensive set of shared resources.
  • The process recognizes the unifying components of education systems and focuses on consistency and quality of aligned resources supporting each school and their local communities served by their schools.
  • Maximizes WASC and system group resources to reduce repetition and redundancy.
  • Results in one System self-study report accounting for all schools.
  • Streamlines self-study visit into one System focused visit.
  • Strengthens accreditation support given to System administration.
  • Recognizes the individuality and supports needed at each school site.
  • Ensures greater consistency in accreditation across System schools.
  • Follows the WASC self-study Expectations from a system perspective.
  • One self-study visit for all system schools.
  • Results in one System self-study report for all schools.
  • Self-study outcomes result in one set of improvement recommendations.
Fee Schedule

Application Fee:

1-14 Schools: $160

15-29 Schools: $140

30-49 Schools: $120

50+ Schools: $100

Nonrefundable Initial Visit Fee: 

1-14 Schools: $850

15-29 Schools: $725

30-49 Schools: $600

50+ Schools: $475

Additional Systems Accreditation Membership Fees For Schools

Brian Jensen

Brian Jensen has worked at ACS-WASC since 2017. He currently serves as a Director supporting schools and visiting committee teams through all aspects of the accreditation process including initial accreditation, mid-cycle and self-study processes. He has over 20 years of experience working in both secondary and higher education including online, private and alternative education schools.
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