Accrediting Commission for Schools

Moohay Ahn Choe, Ed.D.

Moohay Ahn Choe, Ed.D.

Dr. Moohay Ahn Choe joined the Commission as a representative of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). She began her educational career in the New York City Schools District as an instrumental music teacher. She then moved to the Los Angeles Unified Schools District and continued to teach music. As funding for music in the schools and music teachers depleted and having English as a minor, Dr. Choe was advised to go into teaching English and English as a Second Language.

Transitioning into administration, Dr. Choe has served as Instructional Specialist, Second Language/Gifted Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Dr. Choe has been retired for ten years but is fortunate to continue to serve the students in various interim administrative positions. Dr. Choe currently works with ACSA Region 16 and the educational community of LAUSD up to date legislative information and membership opportunities.

Dr. Choe is an active community volunteer with the YMCA and Cochair of the Korean American Pioneer Council (partner with University of Southern California). As a YMCA member, she was recognized as a Volunteer of the Year and continues to raise funds for the various youth programs such as “Y” camp, Return to School Backpack, and Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets for neighboring schools.

Dr. Choe received her Bachelor of Music from Boston University and Doctor of Education from the University of Southern California. She has been married for 49 years and has two wonderful daughters and one grandson.

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