ACS WASC/SDA Visiting Committee Materials

Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Schools (SDA)

One of the important responsibilities of the ACS WASC member is to assist in the team’s understanding of whether or not the school is effectively addressing the ACS WASC criteria. ACS WASC members work with the rest of the visiting committee in determining the status recommendation, which is then submitted with necessary supporting documentation to both the ACS WASC Commission and SDA’s Commission for final action regarding joint accreditation status. Please see the attached memo for additional information on the role of the ACS WASC-Appointed Visiting Committee Member.

Visiting Committee Chair and Member Checklists

Visiting Committee Chair Templates

Reference and Samples


Chairs and members for joint ACS WASC/SDA visits are asked to attend an ACS WASC training workshop prior to the visit.