ACS WASC Probationary Visits

A probationary visit is a two-day* visit by a two- to five-member committee. The visiting committee completes a visiting committee report and a confidential accreditation status recommendation with a justification statement.

Accreditation status recommendation options available to the visiting committee will depend on the accreditation status the school was granted as a result of their last visit and where the school is in the ACS WASC accreditation cycle.

Status options are as follows:

    1. Probation removed and accreditation status restored; a two-day mid-cycle visit* or other visit may be required in one year
    1. Continued probationary accreditation granted for one additional year with a two-day* probationary visit required in one year
  1. Accreditation status withheld.

Reservations and payment for lodging should be made by the visiting committee members. Visiting committee expenses are submitted to the ACS WASC office for reimbursement.

*Visiting committees meet the afternoon preceding the first day of the visit.