ACS WASC Mid-Cycle Visits

Schools that receive a status of accreditation with a required one- or two-day visit host the mid-cycle visit during the third year of the six-year cycle. The visiting committee writes a visiting committee report and completes a confidential summary statement.

As a result of this visit, the six-year status of accreditation (1) may be reaffirmed; (2) may be reaffirmed and a special follow-up progress report and/or visit may be required in one year; or (3) accreditation status may be withheld.

Reservations and payment for lodging should be made by the visiting committee members. Visiting committee expenses are submitted to the ACS WASC office for reimbursement.


  • ACS WASC FOL Mid-cycle Procedures
  • Mid-cycle Visiting Committee Report Template (Word doc) | Google Drive (Docs)
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