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David Sciarretta, Ed.D.

David Sciarretta, Ed.D.

Dr. David Sciarretta represents the ACS WASC Charter School Commissioner on the ACS WASC Commission. With over a quarter century of experience in public education, Dr. Sciarretta has served as teacher, principal, executive director, and currently superintendent of Albert Einstein Academies (AEA) in San Diego, CA.

Having earned a BA in history and political science, a Master’s of Education in cross-cultural teaching, a California Administrative Services Credential, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Sciarretta is committed to lifelong learning for students, staff, and the community. His doctoral dissertation explored California charter school principal communication techniques with a focus on leadership storytelling. A 1993 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, Dr. Sciarretta has lived and worked in Mexico and Central America and is fluent in Spanish. In addition to his leadership role at AEA,

Dr. Sciarretta is active on non-profit boards as well as on a statewide level with charter school policy-making, political advocacy, and consulting. On a personal level Dr. Sciarretta enjoys spending time with his daughter, exercising, reading, and international travel.

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