ACS WASC International Accreditation Workshop: Chatsworth International School, Singapore

Serving as a Visiting Committee Member and Conducting a Self-Study

This session will (1) prepare educators to serve on ACS WASC visiting committees, emphasizing the role and responsibilities of an ACS WASC visiting committee member, and (2) examine the essentials of the Focus on Learning process and its adaptability from a self-study perspective.

Who should attend?

  • Representatives from schools conducting future Focus on Learning self-studies.
  • All interested teachers and other educators who have never served on an accreditation team or have served previously but are eager to learn more about serving on a Focus on Learning
  • All teachers and other educators who are serving on Focus on Learning teams, if they have not participated in a recent training.

Why attend?

The session will provide an opportunity for educators…

  • To strengthen their understanding of Focus on Learning process from a school self-study and visiting committee perspective.
  • To understand how Focus on Learning can be integrated with other school initiatives such as strategic planning
  • To examine strategies inherent in Focus on Learning that support the school’s assessment of student learning in relation to schoolwide learner outcomes and curricular objectives/standards.
  • To become eligible to serve on visiting committees.

What is the specific date, time, and location?

Saturday, February 24, 2018 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Chatsworth International School
East Campus
25 Jalan Tembusu
Singapore  438234