Accrediting Commission for Schools

Course and Professional Development Credit Opportunity for Serving on a Visiting Committee

Through Teachers College of San Joaquin (TCSJ), accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, ACS WASC is offering two professional development units for a course that prepares educators to serve as WASC accreditation visiting committee members to facilitate continuous school improvement. Dr. Marilyn S. George will be conducting the course.

This two-unit course will address all aspects of serving on a visiting committee and then applying these while preparing and serving on a visiting committee; the course will include a debriefing session following the visit. The instructional aspect will include synchronous and asynchronous time.

At the end of the course WASC will issue a certificate of completion that will be sent to TCSJ for confirmation of credit. This will be based on dialogue and responses to important aspects of a quality visit and reflections that demonstrate understanding of the importance of the visiting committee member’s role/responsibilities. There is no charge for the training; the cost for the credits is $150.00.

Please contact Dr. George at for any additional information. Contact Mariana Brown at to register for the course.

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