Beginning the Accreditation Process

After reviewing the ACS WASC Affiliation Conditions of Eligibility, interested schools should complete the ACS WASC Affiliation Request and return it to the ACS WASC office. Schools seeking dual joint accreditation should contact the ACS WASC office.

Public, Charter, Private, and Religious Schools

District Accreditation

  • ACS WASC California Public District Accreditation Request:  Word Doc

International Schools

Postsecondary Schools (Non-profit, non-degree granting)

Supplementary Education Programs

Application Fees

A $160.00 nonrefundable application fee is required and must accompany the completed ACS WASC Affiliation Request form. Payment may be made by check or PayPal. Completed Affiliation Requests must be received by April 30 to schedule a fall visit and by September 30 to schedule a spring visit. Initial visits to newly established schools will not occur prior to the second semester of operation, i.e., a spring visit if a school opens in the fall. If you have any questions regarding the accreditation process, please feel free to contact the ACS WASC office.

Initial Visit and Notification

On receipt of the forms and approval to proceed, ACS WASC will arrange for a two-member, one- or two-day initial visit to the school. Following the visit, the visiting committee will prepare a report to present to ACS WASC for action. This report will include recommendations regarding the school’s ongoing improvement.

The school will be notified of the Commission’s action. If the Commission’s action is favorable, the school will be granted either initial accreditation or candidacy for a period of time not to exceed three years. The Initial Visit Procedures Manuals explain the distinction between initial and candidacy status which is based on the degree to which the school is meeting the ACS WASC criteria.

Membership Fees

Schools are required to pay ACS WASC membership fees for the year in which they are granted initial or candidacy status and every year thereafter. Initial accreditation and candidacy status are retroactive; accreditation status starts on July 1 and expires on June 30.