ACS WASC Commissioners


The Commission consists of up to thirty-two persons selected by the Commission’s Nomination Review Committee from candidates nominated by member organizations or the Commission.

(listed by the organizations they represent)

Stephen Cathers, Chairperson
Gregory Franklin, Vice Chairperson

Association of California School Administrators
Ron Carruth
Odie J. Douglas
Juan A. Flecha
Gregory Franklin
Barry Groves
Diana Walsh-Reuss
David Yoshihara

Association of Christian Schools International
Lee Duncan

California Association of Independent Schools
Doreen Oleson

California Association of Private School Organizations
Marsha Serafin

California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. (PTA)
Sophia Waugh

California Department of Education
Thomas Adams

California Federation of Teachers
Samantha Benish

California School Boards Association
Barbara Nunes

California Teachers Association
Laurel Salerno-White

Charter Schools
Laura Herman

East Asia Regional Council of Schools
Stephen Cathers

Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
David Gaudi
Melissa Handy

Hawaii Government Employees’ Association
Derek Minakami

Hawaii State Department of Education
Andrea Fukumoto
Suzanne Mulcahy

National Lutheran School Accreditation
Joel Wahlers

Pacific Islands
Erika Cruz

Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Berit von Pohle

Postsecondary Education
Matthew Russo

Public Members
Joseph Dugan
Mitchell D’Olier

Western Catholic Educational Association
Michael Alvarez
Nancy Coonis
Kim Shields
Sally Todd