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The ACS WASC/HIDOE partnership provides a coordinated accreditation system integral to the school improvement process for ALL Hawaii DOE Public Schools K-12. The ACS WASC/HIDOE process is directly aligned with the HIDOE State Strategic Plan and the corresponding Academic Plans of the schools. The ACS WASC/HIDOE accreditation process systematizes and standardizes the ongoing evaluation of a school program and streamlines planning and reporting. The Focus on Learning: Joint ACS WASC/HIDOE Focus on Learning Process Guide facilitates a school’s in-depth look at what currently exists and what needs to be improved in relation to student learning and the school’s program. Through the process the schools evaluate progress in addressing the six priority strategies of the Hawaii State Strategic Plan. These are: the Academic Review Team, Common Core State Standards, Educator Effectiveness Systems; Formative Instruction/Data Teams; Induction and Mentoring; and the Comprehensive Student Support System.

Initial Visit

As noted on the Beginning the Accreditation Process page all Public Hawaii schools other than public elementary schools follow the initial visit procedures, utilizing the ACS WASC Initial Visit Procedures Manual for ACS WASC/HIDOE schools.

Elementary School Accreditation: In 2012, the Hawaii State Board of Education approved the Hawaii Department of Education’s five-year plan to accredit all public elementary schools that have not previously been accredited.

Elementary schools are being phased into accreditation over a five-year period so that by Spring 2019 all 159 schools will be accredited. The schools are involved in a special initial visit process and training that is organized into five groups. As of Spring 2015 Group One schools are accredited; School Groups Two and Three are candidates; Group Four schools will have initial visits in Spring 2016; and Group Five schools will have initial visits in Spring 2017.

Contact Marilyn George mgeorge@acswasc.org or Sylvia Taylor staylor@acswasc.org at ACS WASC with questions about elementary school accreditation.

ACS WASC Hawaii Elementary School Initial Visit Group Five Orientation (September 2016):


ACS WASC/HIDOE Focus on Learning, 2013 Edition (Edited SY 2015-2016)

Focus on Learning, Joint ACS WASC/Hawaii Department of Education Process Guide, 2013 Edition (Edited SY 2015-2016)

ACS WASC/HIDOE Self-Study Report Template:  Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) TemplateClick here for information on how to use Google Drive (Docs).

This is an optional template for the school’s Self-Study Report. The Word file includes a template for Chapters I through V of the report, incorporating the criteria indicators and prompts (see below) which form the basis of Chapter IV of the report. Each category of Chapter IV is also available as a separate Word or Google Docs template.

Chapter IV:
Category A: Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) Template
Category B: Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) Template
Category C: Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) Template
Category D: Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) Template
Category E: Word Doc Template | Google Drive (Docs) Template

Follow-up: Ongoing Accreditation Process

ACS WASC Accreditation Process: Post-Visit Checklist and Ongoing Improvement

Other Visit and Report Materials