ACS WASC Order Forms

ACS WASC Flag Design-2016

ACS WASC has a number of items available for purchase by ACS WASC accredited schools.

ACS WASC Certificates

One certificate is automatic and provided free of charge per accreditation cycle. A maximum of two additional certificates can be purchased per accredited institution or one additional certificate per accredited campus. ACS WASC Certificate Order Form

Electronic (pdf) certificates may also be ordered. ACS WASC Electronic Certificate Order Form

ACS WASC Directory of Schools

ACS WASC publishes an annual Directory of Schools. The directory provides information about the schools currently accredited by ACS WASC and those schools that have been granted the status of candidacy for a period of three years. Printed copies of the ACS WASC Directory of Schools are available for purchase.
ACS WASC Directory of Schools Order Form

ACS WASC Flags and Banners

Flags and banners are available for purchase by accredited schools.

  • The flag is 3’x5′ and is printed on heavy duty nylon.
  • The banner is 2’x3′ and is printed on heavy duty vinyl and has grommets on all four corners.
  • A miniature desktop flag is also available for purchase.

ACS WASC Flag-Banner Letter Order Form

ACS WASC Stamps, Seals, and Embossers

Schools accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) are eligible to purchase an ACS WASC accreditation stamp and an ACS WASC embosser (limit one each per school). We offer two options for the stamp: a rubber stamp or a self-inking stamp and one option for the embosser: a desk model. Accredited schools may order a maximum of one stamp and one embosser. Schools ordering a replacement stamp and/or embosser must agree to return the old stamp and/or embosser to the ACS WASC office upon receipt of the new merchandise. Upon termination of accreditation or closure of a school, the stamp and/or embosser are to be returned to the ACS WASC office and a rebate, if applicable, will be made to the school.  ACS WASC Stamp Embosser Order Form