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WASC Accreditation-Plus Program

The WASC Accreditation-Plus program is being phased out. We are working on creating a new online WASC accreditation process for all schools with a target date of 2016 that will replace this program. The current Accreditation-Plus program will end at the end of next school year, in June 2014.

Google Docs templates are available for both the self-study and visiting committee accreditation reports. Please see the WASC School and Visiting Committee webpages for links to these templates.

Accreditation-Plus, an optional, fee-based program, is specifically designed to support the WASC self-study visit and ongoing improvement process. It represents an exciting new approach for school accreditation.

Accreditation-Plus provides online collaboration tools and templates for organizing your school's self-study and engaging your schoolwide community in a relatively structured, yet flexible, collaborative process.

Each Accreditation-Plus site provides succinct self-study instructions, workspaces for leadership team planning and communicating, and an area entitled Provide Your Input that enables individuals or groups to respond to specific questions or prompts.

  • Supports planning and coordination of your school's self-study and ongoing improvement processes through a secure website
  • Provides an interactive Self-Study Coordinator Checklist to help organize and manage the self-study process
  • Provides online discussion areas for Home Groups, Focus Groups, and Leadership Team members
  • Allows Focus and Home Groups to capture meeting notes online and provide feedback—further engaging your schoolwide community
  • Provides online tutorials and self-study resources, including training sessions and coaching teleconferences
  • Reduces the number of required face-to-face meetings, saving time and costs
  • Provides storage for all self-study and related accreditation documents as well as other school materials
  • Captures evidence of your school's collaborative process for the visiting committee
  • Enables ongoing implementation and monitoring of your schoolwide action plan, updating of your student/community profile, and preparation of progress report
  • Gives you a jump start on your next accreditation cycle

For more information regarding the Accreditation-Plus Program or to find out if Accreditation-Plus is right for your school, please refer to the additional information on the right sidebar of this page or feel free to contact either Cynthia Newton or Robyn Moulding for further information.

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